RockArchivist is Back!

It's been a while, but the RockArchivist site is back in action.
To all those of you who contacted me to support the efforts against bolting the Lancashire quarries, thank you. It's an ongoing struggle, but one which needs to be fought.


Newly Published!

Never seen in public previously, we now have the exclusive publication of the personal photograph collection of James W Puttrell, who is arguably the founder of gritstone (and limestone) climbing in the Peak District. As well publishing his photograph collection, included in this album is also the contents of the 'Puttrell Collection' from Sheffield Central Library', which brings that collection which was in such a bad state that it had to be committed to microfoche before disallowing public access. Both collections provide a wealth of information on climbing and caving at the time of JWP. Enjoy!



Current Content

It will be a gradual process to get everything back online, but we'll get there. As we progress, more options will be added to the menu on the left hand side of the page, but for now, the new route books we have are as follows:

The Black Dog, Belmont, Lancashire

Published! Lancashire stalwart Ian Lonsdale was landlord at the popular Black Dog Inn in Belmont from the late 1970s to the mid 1980s, and organised a new route book in a room adorned with climbing paraphernalia in the pub.

Al Parker's shop in Glossop

Coming Soon!

Eric Jones' Cafe, Tremadog

Published! Three books covering roughly 1979-2008

Joe Royle's shop in Buxton

Published! Two books and some notes covering the period 1978 to 1993.

Lyon Sports, Llandudno

Published (well, half of the first book anyway)! The shop run by Chris and Dave Lyon during the Pen Trwyn boom years.

Pete's Eats

Published! A vast collection of books covering the period from 1978-2010. There are a couple of books missing (some nicked from the cafe most likely, but one was never scanned) but the Pete's Eats books are an awesome resource for anyone wanting to look back on the first hand accounts of new routing in North Wales.

Stoney Cafe

Published! Covering the period 1982-2010, the Stoney books kick off almost immediately with Jonny Woodward's claim for Beau Geste at Froggatt.

Tanky's Shop in Sheffield

Published! This book disappeared one day from Tanky's (Bryan Stokes) shop in Sheffield and wasn't seen for many years until it turned up in the most unlikely of locations.

The Outside, Hathersage

Published! Two old books plus the current book...

Rock 'n Run, Ambleside

Published! Three books...

YHA, Manchester - Brian Cropper

Published! Between the late 1970s and mid 1980s, Brian Cropper welcomed climbers of all abilities, nationalities and personalities into the YHA and kept an incredible record of Peak District (and wider) developments in his new route book.

Moorland Rambler, Exeter

Published! Well, nearly. There are two books in this collection but I didn't complete scanning both of them before giving them back to their owner.